Oooh the suggestions

My mom and I send recipes to each other almost daily. It’s a habit. I think maybe once or twice has one of us actually MADE one of the recipes, but with every recipe email sent there is always the “OH THAT SOUNDS AMAZINGLY DECLICIOUS” response back.

So with that being said, here is a recipe sent from my mother, to yours truly. I am bound and determined to try them this weekend, and possibly incorporate into my Christmas gift giving? We shall see how they turn out. Aka if I don’t eat them all first.

For those of you who don’t watch Food Network, you are missing out. Giada is awesome. Well, that is, until she starts getting all Italian, and says things like “spa-ghee-ti” and “al dente”. Then I want to punch her…while eating all her food.



Momma always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them

If you are not on your A-game today, that quote is from Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump and I have a lot in common.

True, I don’t wear braces on my legs.

True, I do not have to go to war.

True, I do not have any friends named Bubba.

I do, however, love my momma.

Thus the reason for this post. My mother is essentially me, just a couple years older (btw I will be receiving a text in .5 seconds asking why I chose THAT picture. But I like it, I think its nice!).

Now, my mom (and dad) watch Dancing With the Stars. And they watch it almost as intensely as my sister and I  do (we really are a cool family. Do no base anything on this post alone, kthanks).

So without fail, I call my mom every morning at around 8:06 as I am on my way to work and we chat. Every Tuesday and Wednesday we gossip over the events that transpired the night before on DWTS. And let me tell you, those 15 or so minutes spent rambling about how much we love Maks or how Mark needs to keep his hands to himself are SO HILARIOUS. It’s actually where  I get a lot of my material for the DWTS blog posts. Yay for gossiping!

Anyway, I think my mom secretly wants to be a part of the weekly DWTS blog discussions…because when I got into work today I had an email from her entitled, Dancing with the stars. Then I open the email and it was about her two favorite parts of the show this week. As a bonus, she added clips and breaks down which minutes are the best. LOVE IT.

This clearly is where I get it from.

So, in honor of my momma, here are HER two favorite parts (along with her breakdown). And you better like them, or we aren’t friends anymore. Cause my mom is awesome. (My dad is awesome too, and I will try and get some funny material for his blog appearance). WATCH

Minute 3:50-3:57. Just Maks part. Anyone else would look awkward.


Minute 3:16-3:19 The look on Kyle’s face. Funny

Annnd there we have it people. My mom’s two favorite (and now everyone’s two favorite) moments from Dancing With the Stars week 3! Thanks Momma Boo