Hi. I Like to Cry.

I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I seriously have a crying problem. If you met me you would never think, ‘oh wow, I think that girl cries like 8 times a day’. I am sarcastic and often walk around with a stone cold heart. My real life hardly ever makes me cry. In fights I don’t cry, I yell. At work I don’t cry, I get even. With my friends I don’t cry, because I have the best friends ever and they would never do that to me.

Television. Television makes me cry.

1. I guess it’s always good to start with the lamest one in hopes that by the time you have finished the list you will have forgotten how ridiculous I am. The first time I saw this COFFEE commercial I cried. I seriously need to get it together. I can watch it now without crying, but I was a sucker for the awful jingle and preposterous acting/plot line the first time.


2. We all know how much I love Casey Abrams on American Idol. Too much. I think he is INCREDIBLY talented and a little bit adorable all rolled up into one. A few weeks ago he received the least amount of votes and was going to end up going home, but the judges used their ONLY season save to save him from this unfair fate. Crying ensued. By me. And a little by Casey.


3. I also cry at adorableness. I stumbled upon this video on someone’s blog/facebook/whatever and watched it laughing with tears streaming down my face like the craziest person on the face of the planet.


4. I found this website and sometimes when I feel like I need to fit in one more cry for the day I visit it. Sometimes I get the feeling the little anecdotes are fake or made up, but I don’t really care. I don’t discriminate when it comes to my tears.


5. The other day I decided to watch the first episode of the new show Mobbed. I basically started crying immediate just because I could feel what was coming. In this show a guy loves his jealous girlfriend so much that he decides to plan [with the help of Howie Mendel] an elaborate proposal. The whole event starts with her being jealous of some skanky actress playing a lost connection of her boyfriend, and ends with tears, singing, and more tears. Most of the tears were from me. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM.

Happy crying!



Excuse Me While I Cry My Brains Out.

When I was younger I used to be a stone cold bitch, like Taryn. I used to watch movies where awful things happen, Hallmark commercials, and moving Oprahs without shedding a tear. I used to break up with boyfriends, tear muscles in dance, and get yelled at by my mother without even so much as a second thought to sadness.

Then my younger brother and I discovered Extreme Home Makeover. Every Sunday we would sneak to the television [we weren’t allowed to watch TV?] and watch families in extreme circumstances get their dream homes. We would sit there and cry every single time. Extreme Home Makeover broke my seal of tears.

Now I cry at everything. As soon as tears start coming out of another persons eyes I can feel the tears coming out of mine. It’s ridiculous really, and I wish it would stop. That new Disney commercial where the kids are surprised with a trip to Disney World? I cry. The Folgers commercial where the daughter came home late, but was engaged? I cry. Anything having to do with soldiers coming home? I cry.

But I digress.

Last night I forced my roommate fiancée to watch American Idol with me. Unlike the majority of the population I hate the auditions that suck. It makes me uncomfortable and usually I have to change the channel. Yes, I am that weird. Last night after 2 hours of auditions the last guy came beeboppin into the room to grace J.Lo, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson [Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty] with his presence and his HEARTBREAKING STORY.

“What kind of guy would I be if I walked out on her when she needed me the most”


I seriously sat there next to my roommate fiancée and my cat bawling my eyes out. I was so touched by this man that if he doesn’t win American Idol then I will personally smack every judge and person in the face. Starting with Ryan Seacrest.  I was still crying after the show had ended. What is my problem. More importantly, how amazing is that man?


Hint: I Did.

This Saturday (aka tonight) the sister (Kasey), roommate (Bethany, she has yet to be introduced but is awesome), and I decided to have a realxing night in. It started out perfect. We had gone to the mall/Target, only bought a couple of things (seriously, we were good), rented some movies (Toy Story 3 and Get Him to the Greek), made some tacos…PERFECT.  As our first movie to watch on the PERFECT Saturday night, we chose Toy Story 3.

I absolutely love Disney, and love the first two installments of Toy Story. Soooo, I was excited to watch the third. And as expected, I DID. I mean, there’s Woody and Buzz and Rex and ANDY. Ugh. Glorious. Now, for those of you who HAVE not seen it, STOP READING NOW. I will try and give as little away as I can, but it could get a little iffy in the “MOVIE RUINED” department. Just keep that in mind.

Anywho, the movie was great. Of course there was some sort of Andy mistake and the toys had to find there way back to where they belong, but they were being held up by some a-hole villain (could not have been more vague). No big surprises there. It wasn’t until the end(ish) of the movie where I felt a little…strange.

To most people that “strange” feeling is a common one. Probably because they don’t have a heart of stone. So in essence, my “strangeness”, is actually me finally being a normal human being. Cute, right? Now, to back up, I am not an emotional person. Sensitive, yes. But emotional? Not so much. I rarely cried as a child. Even when I broke my arm IN THE FIRST GRADE, I didn’t cry really. There was this one time in 8th grade my family and I visited my aunt’s family in Virginia for like a weekend. My aunt had just had a baby (my cousin). The day, NAY, the morning we left, I started to cry. Maybe because I didn’t want to leave my cousin? The reason is yet to be established, but I cried. THE WHOLE DAY. I really wish I was joking. It happened to be the day we wanted to be all tourist-y in Washington D.C. So I cried on the Metro. I cried at the Lincoln Memorial. I cried just walking down the street. I CRIED AT THE WHITE HOUSE. It was embarrassing, but the more I tried to stop the more I cried. My family thought it was because my body needed to get rid of the unused tears it had been storing up for the past 365 days. Besides that one day a year my body alots to release the tears, I don’t cry. Period.

Soooo to get back on point, the movie is almost over. Woody and Buzz are best friends. Andy played with the toys. Barbie and Ken are HILARIOUS. Then, Andy goes off to college…

Let’s play a little game. Shall we? It’s called “Did Taryn cry at the end of Toy Story 3?”

Now, based on my history, movies don’t pull at the heart strings. Especially a movie about toys. But based on my history, again, I haven’t had a good cry yet this year…

So, did I? Or didn’t I? What do YOU think?