When You Live in New England….

Hello friends!

As I have mentioned many a time I live in the bitter cold that is New England. I realize that I have nothing on Michigan or say, Antarctica, but I still feel the need to complain and let you how I feel. This awful weather provided me with a mountain of snow around two stories tall right outside my huge office window. Every day this winter I stared out the window into the snowy white abyss, wondering if the days of sunshine would ever come.

Finally, oh finally, it is Spring! Spring has sprung, and I am rolling around on the flourishing ground. Not really, but I am running around snapping pictures of small blades of new grass and barely-there crocuses.  I’ve taken my flats out from storage and started wearing lighter jackets in an attempt to trick my brain and the universe into feeling a little bit warmer.

Little did I know when I woke up this morning and checked the weather, that all my preparation was in vain.





It’s 23 degrees here. Feels like 11.

That’s all I wanted to say.

[I win]


It’s 35 degrees here


That’s all I really wanted to say.