It’s My Body and I Will Wear Uggs if I Want To

Obviously when writing the title to this post I was singing this in my head.


The other day I was driving in the car listening to the radio, and half of this story is already ridiculous. The only reason I was listening to the radio was because I almost got in a car accident looking for my ipod… not a big deal.

This particular car ride took place in the morning, so the radio was full to the brim with those AWFUL morning radio shows that slowly leak poison into your ears. I was listening to one of our local popular music stations and one of the DJs [or whatever they are called] needed some parenting advice. He told the listening audience and his fellow morning “crew” that his elementary school aged son asked for a pair of Uggs so he could brave the winter with warm toes. He wanted to know what the general opinion was.

In my OWN opinion here are acceptable opinions to have on this matter:

1. Uggs are expensive

2. Kids grow out of shoes in .5 seconds

3. Uggs aren’t waterproof so maybe not the best idea for a child

These are all perfectly logical concerns when thinking of buying your child Uggs. However, one of the DJ’s female cohosts went in a completely different direction with her opinions:

1. “WHAT?! Uggs? No that’s not okay. They are not very manly”

2. “Those are like girl shoes, why would you let your son wear those”

3. “He needs to wear something more manly like Timberlands”


I almost called them and went all politically correct on their asses.

How do you think that kid felt as his dad was agreeing with his dumbass co-host who was claiming an elementary school child wasn’t “manly enough”?  If they were worried about him being teased for wearing Uggs in the first place, maybe they shouldn’t have aired his business on THE RADIO.  I just want to know how MANLY an elementary school boy is supposed to be. Personally I would rather my young boy ask me for a pair of Uggs than a pair of Timberland boots, though neither are practical for sledding, snowball fights, and snowfort building. Parents shouldn’t be concerned with providing gender boundaries for their children, they should be concerned with what they are saying in front of their children.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Politics for the Day.



I don’t know if you guys remember this scene from I Love You Man, but Sydney wears Uggs, and he is definitely manly. So much so, it could be gross.


Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns and Syrup.

Hello my little snow angels!

UGH is it Christmas yet?! As of today there are officially 17 more days until Christmas. I KNOW, I’M EXCITED TOO!

But seriously, how is your shopping going? I am about halfway done with my list and somehow I have already spent hundreds of dollars. Yes, that was plural.

Christmas is a big deal to my family, as is basically every holiday [including Valentine’s Day]. My sister, and baby of the family, is only 10 so we still celebrate St.Nick in good old child-style fashion. The whole family sleeps over my parents house and then we all wake up at SEVEN IN THE MORNING to open presents. We eat candy out of our stockings for breakfast and we take turns opening presents from the MASSIVE pile under the Christmas tree. We are super serious. After we are done with our round robin present opening, we all lie down on the floor until we have to leave fifteen minutes later. The family caravans over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house to visit the less enthused family members. Here we eat ham [I do not], talk politics [I do not], and exchange presents [ok, I do that]. Then I go home and nap.

Day 6: The gift for the friend who had a baby and she’s the only one you know so you should spoil them while you have the chance.

Um. How adorable are these?! Generally speaking, I am an Ugg hater. I am also a hypocrite. I am also lazy. I own a pair of Uggs that I whip out in the winter because I am too lazy to lace up boots. I hate myself while I am wearing them, for a few reasons:

#1. They are ugly

#2. I blend in so well with the masses I can’t find myself

#3. They aren’t waterproof

Regardless, these bitty baby booties are so cute you could just buy them for yourself and keep them creepily in a drawer. These adorable baby digs will run you a pretty penny, around $50. Think of it this way, babies don’t walk, so when you force your friend to give them back to you as a hand-me-down, they will be as good as new! Just kidding! [Is she?]

Happy Shopping!