An Amazing Person Deserves an Amazing Bday

I am loving today. Why you ask? Well a list is obviously the answer:

1. It is Friday. That goes without explanation.

2. I washed my hair today, so I feel prettier than I did yesterday. Clips aren’t really that cute of a look on me.

3. The smoothie I made this morning had the perfect amount of ice and milk. Sometimes I go crazy and have a banana ICEE. Which isn’t always what I want in the mornings.

4. My co-workers gave me an easy task…that I may still be putting off. No big deal.



That’s right, the momma y’all have read about and LOVED (don’t lie) is turning yet another year older. I called her this morning around 745 (I was leaving for work. I can’t believe I left that early either) per our usual “drive to work chat” and she didn’t answer. So I was like, oh it’s her birthday I am sure she is talking to someone else. So I tried back 5 minutes later (my patience sometimes is a bit short lived). Still no answer. So I was like, UGH I NEED TO WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So I left a possibly annoying message on their home answering machine saying, basically, HI I TRIED CALLING. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAVE FUN. I’M ON MY WAY TO WORK. UGH. HI BOSSMAN. (I sounded nicer than this may come across)

Then I get a call a little later and my mom is like, hey sorry I was shaving my legs and didn’t know what that racket was in the background. Oh. That would be me. Her darling child is the so-called, RACKET. Ha. You’re hilarious mom.

Anyways, I love my mother way too much and it has been said that I am her twin. Well. I can only hope this is true. IF it is true, then at the whopping age of 40 something (I can’t give away too much) I will still do the following (two lists in one post. Such a great day):

1. Shave my legs– I never want to be that person who doesn’t want to shave because it’s difficult to reach. She shaves her legs every weekend. Even in the “winter”. I am not going to say that’s more than me, buuuuut it’s more than me. By about 200% more.

2. Go kayaking– My parents went kayaking today. They are such BALLERS.

3. Wear dresses with boots and know you look fly– She will tell me the next day what she wore to dinner and be like, Lou (hostess) said my outfit was trendy. I said, “I know, right?”. Love it.

4. Text people songs they should listen to– Some of my favorite songs have been compliments of my momma.

5. Be hilarious– I can’t explain how hilarious my mom is. The post title is actually a text back to Avalon, after Avalon wished her a happy birthday. Mom stop it stop it, you’re just too much.

Those are only 5 of many things I hope I will do and essentially, one day, be my mom. Looks-wise I’ve got that ON LOCK. Let’s just hope everything else comes along as well.

Happy Birthday Momma Boo! Love you lots and lots and more!


PS. It was Avalon’s mom’s birthday the other day. Aka January is the best month ever. Cause our moms are awesome. And young. And hip. January should be Mel and Marge Month. And no, they don’t like to be called by those names. So don’t try.


6 inch ribbon curls, honey

But that’s impossible….SIX INCHES!

Hidey ho, neighbors!

I hope you all are having a FABULOUS December so far, and are not stuck in a cycle of going to EVERY TARGET KNOWN TO MAN to find just one silly little gift, that in the end it’s really only there for comical reasons but you had your mind set on it anyway…Obviously that rant was not made up, I am going through that. And am about to jump in that cycle yet again today…as soon as I peel myself out of my bed and stop hacking up a lung. I truly hope that no one is in this predicament.

Regardless, I am still in a Holly Jolly mood (seriously, this isn’t blog bs) and am here to present y’all with the next installment of our 20 Days of Christmas! For my post today, I am going to tackle the forgotten family member…our pets! Yes they are animals, and yes they have zero idea what’s the hoopla is for Christmas, but they deserve some lovin’ too! Now my dog, Bossman, is the best dog in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. Seriously. Look at that huge, monstrous face?! How can you not love it? Anyways, we fill his dog stocking (yes, he has one) with a whole bunch of goodies. Squeaky balls, rawhide bones, weird rope toys…and he loves them all. I think squeaky toys are his favorite, even though they are gone in a matter of MINUTES. He like’s to chew them until he find the squeaker, and then rips said squeaker out. This is the only destructive thing he does, so we allow it mainly because it’s really humorous to us. Ha. Anyways. Here is it is, Day 11.

Day 11: For man’s best friend


PetHoliday Rawhide Pinwheel Candy and Lollipop

Price: $2.24

Shop: PetSmart

These holiday themed rawhides bones are sure to be a hit with the dogs in the family! My dog will chew on his for days, sometimes hours depending on how excited he is. They are cheap and festive, and may I say, LOOK DELICIOUS. If I didn’t know they were made out of rawhide (ew), I’d gnaw on these bad boys too for a couple of hours. Yumm-o!


PetHoliday 2 Pack Vinyl Dog Chew Toys, also comes in Santa and a Snowman

Price: $3.74

Shop: PetSmart

Once again, HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE. I love holiday themed toys, regardless if it’s socially acceptable for me to want to play with them. I don’t care. I love these. And dogs love these. Not to make it all about Bossman (yes I am), but he loves these chew toys (see: get’s the squeaker, then only plays with the squeaker). They are cheap and can last a while, depending on how wild your dog is/how much he might secretly despise reindeer.

PetSmart, if you have never been, has a HUGE assortment of toys and snacks for every animal. I only have a dog, so I only know about dog toys…I also have a dog that hates sweet treats and stuffed animal toys. PetSmart definitely has both of those, if your dog isn’t CRAZY and hates those things. Silly Bossman…

 Yes that’s me and Bossman. And yes that was me NOT sharing the love of my turkey sandwich. So for the all the times we shove food into our mouth and not give our pets a sample, please. Share the love on Christmas.