Rapunzel. Gesundheit. A movie review.

Although yesterday was not Tuesday, it was indeed a special occasion.

My lovely Aunt Mary Ann had the privilege of working on the new Disney movie Tangled. If I remember the conversation correctly, she informed me she was on the imagineer team for the “hair”. In all of her excitement [and ours] my aunt sent my family tickets to see her magic little nerd fingers at work in the film. While I was excited to support a family member, I will admit I was hesitant to sit through yet another Disney movie following the Disney formula.

Now if like me, you frequently had nightmares about the real Rapunzel story, you will be in for a treat with this interpretation. [Seriously, thorns to the eyeballs?!]

This movie is actually HILARIOUS. I was laughing the entire time, and contrary to popular belief I am not an eleven year old girl. Norm


The characters in this movie were so fun to watch! At first I was worried we had a lame Disney Princess on our hands, but then Rapunzel surprised me with her wit and heavy handed frying pan appendage. The love interest was equally surprising. He was witty, and never let our little princess of easy. LOVE IT. However my three favorite characters didn’t get lead billing.

#1. The evil witch/mom: I LOVE DISNEY VILLAINS. They are my favorite. This particular hot lady was evil, smart, and had a hell of a singing voice. Check out “Mother Knows Best” [AFTER YOU SEE THE MOVIE OF COURSE]

#2. There is a chameleon named Pascal, he never talks but really makes the movie with his facial expressions.

#3. There is a horse named Max who also never talks, and is an amazing supporting actor.


When I was younger I HATED when the characters would randomly break out in song and ruin the flow of the movie. Now, as a mature and older viewer, I really appreciate the adorable and clever songs. This movie was a particular pleasantry because Rapunzel was blessed with the voice of Mandy Moore! I am totally buying this soundtrack.


I actually couldn’t really figure out the ending, so success for Disney! I was excited to see what would happen next, and if for once evil would prevail. What I REALLY appreciated in this movie was the dialogue! It was fast paced and my 11 year old sister leaned over and asked me what “nuance” meant.


I loved it. Because deep down, we’re all Disney Princesses.


Good job Auntie!


GO SEE IT. It’s surprisingly enjoyable!! You can quote it at Christmas Dinner without getting evil looks from Grandma!



Hint: I Did.

This Saturday (aka tonight) the sister (Kasey), roommate (Bethany, she has yet to be introduced but is awesome), and I decided to have a realxing night in. It started out perfect. We had gone to the mall/Target, only bought a couple of things (seriously, we were good), rented some movies (Toy Story 3 and Get Him to the Greek), made some tacos…PERFECT.  As our first movie to watch on the PERFECT Saturday night, we chose Toy Story 3.

I absolutely love Disney, and love the first two installments of Toy Story. Soooo, I was excited to watch the third. And as expected, I DID. I mean, there’s Woody and Buzz and Rex and ANDY. Ugh. Glorious. Now, for those of you who HAVE not seen it, STOP READING NOW. I will try and give as little away as I can, but it could get a little iffy in the “MOVIE RUINED” department. Just keep that in mind.

Anywho, the movie was great. Of course there was some sort of Andy mistake and the toys had to find there way back to where they belong, but they were being held up by some a-hole villain (could not have been more vague). No big surprises there. It wasn’t until the end(ish) of the movie where I felt a little…strange.

To most people that “strange” feeling is a common one. Probably because they don’t have a heart of stone. So in essence, my “strangeness”, is actually me finally being a normal human being. Cute, right? Now, to back up, I am not an emotional person. Sensitive, yes. But emotional? Not so much. I rarely cried as a child. Even when I broke my arm IN THE FIRST GRADE, I didn’t cry really. There was this one time in 8th grade my family and I visited my aunt’s family in Virginia for like a weekend. My aunt had just had a baby (my cousin). The day, NAY, the morning we left, I started to cry. Maybe because I didn’t want to leave my cousin? The reason is yet to be established, but I cried. THE WHOLE DAY. I really wish I was joking. It happened to be the day we wanted to be all tourist-y in Washington D.C. So I cried on the Metro. I cried at the Lincoln Memorial. I cried just walking down the street. I CRIED AT THE WHITE HOUSE. It was embarrassing, but the more I tried to stop the more I cried. My family thought it was because my body needed to get rid of the unused tears it had been storing up for the past 365 days. Besides that one day a year my body alots to release the tears, I don’t cry. Period.

Soooo to get back on point, the movie is almost over. Woody and Buzz are best friends. Andy played with the toys. Barbie and Ken are HILARIOUS. Then, Andy goes off to college…

Let’s play a little game. Shall we? It’s called “Did Taryn cry at the end of Toy Story 3?”

Now, based on my history, movies don’t pull at the heart strings. Especially a movie about toys. But based on my history, again, I haven’t had a good cry yet this year…

So, did I? Or didn’t I? What do YOU think?


Oh, you wanted photo documentation of this vacation??

The jazz festival, after downing some DELIGHTFUL Sangria, and eating some DELICIOUS food.

The Bahama Breeze Birthday Bash (oooo alliteration). This is an awful picture, but I picked it because you can see the drinks we ordered. They were amazing. And confusing.

This is Sergio, as mentioned in Taryn's earlier post. This picture is funny because I got Kasey to take a picture with him. Boo yah.

Taryn exploring a cave...

The most RIDICULOUS bat we saw at Animal Kingdom. Oh just a wing span of six feet. No big deal.

The Finding Nemo musical that rocked my socks.

We look sad because we are starving. If there was an after picture, we would look sad because we gorged ourselves with food.

Splash Mountain, whilst delayed.

Check out Taryn's bangin' beach bod. Note: They are playing behind the back ball.

You’re welcome.


“I came beeboppin out of the bathroom and I was like OMG BOYS”

Hello there my darlings!

Hopefully you haven’t all slipped into a deep and dismal depression due to our absence. As mentioned in an earlier post, WE WERE ON VACATION!

Well, mostly I was on vacation (and the roommate/fiance as well). I spent the last 5 days of my life with my soulmate/blog partner/bffl/future neighbor Taryn! We packed as many unnecessary fun activities into 5 days as was humanly possible. We went to a (FREE) jazz festival, scoped out a dueling piano bar, went to the beach, went shopping, got sunburnt and oh yeah…


Now we should apologize ahead of time, because the next five or so posts are probably going to be about how much fun we had with each other.  Which you should probably be used to if you read this blog.

On Monday the three MOUSEketeers (Taryn, Fiance, Avalon) woke up while it was still dark out to drive on down to Disney universe. We were armed with park hoppers and a well thought out (OCD) plan.

Our first stop was the wild yet allusive Animal Kingdom. None of us had ever been there and needless to say, we were expecting a glorified zoo. It was indeed a glorified zoo, but also SO MUCH MORE! We explored the continents; Asia, Africa, Dino Land…We rode an awesome thrilling ride called Everest somethingorother and went to a Finding Nemo musical. Seriously, could that be more awesome?! I was pleasantly surprised with Animal Kingdom, and I would recommend it to anyone. The rides are cool, the animals are cool, the Tea Huts are cool, and the lady at the ticket counter was SO NICE.

Then we got hungry. So we went to Epcot. And here finally……Is the point of this POST!


Epcot should be called EPIC EPCOT. Seriously that place is so downplayed it’s unREAL. Before venturing in, I thought the entirety of the park lay within the huge silver golf ball. Oh how wrong I was. Our party of three had never been there before, and it was seriously a treat.

Our visit happened to coincide with the 15th annual Food and Wine festival. Um, Happy Birthday to me?! We went crazy. Literally.

It was like we were taken over by hungry demons with a taste for sweets. We hit up every country, sometimes more than once. We started with some pork and vegetable egg rolls in China and then we sprinted to Norway for some sauerkraut sandwiches. We paused around Morocco to apply sunscreen, and then continued on our tour of overeating. Finally after too much walking (this place is huge) we spotted Belgium. We took a seat and treated ourselves to a mini Belgium waffle with whipped cream and a berry compote and washed it all down with a lovely beer trio. YUM. We sighed, undid our pant buttons, and continued on the journey. We rolled into France after passing Aladdin and that skank Jasmine on the sidewalk. We bought a cream puff and a chocolate filled éclair and ate it while watching other park goers being productive and learning about the countries. We passed so many delicious stands and informational inlets and all Taryn and I could focus on was dessert. TYPICAL.

After eating our way through the world, we went on the ride that in fact fills up the golf ball dome. It is a slow cart ride up and up that is an informative analysis of our technological time line (IE NAP TIME!). JK. It was interesting. Judi Dench was the narrator. Random.

All in all, Epic Epcot was GREAT SUCCESS [insert Borat voice, because it’s still not old]. We ate so much food, learned nothing, and hung out with Dame Judi Dench.

Then we went to Magic Kingdom.

The End.


A Week full of Side Notes:

I’m 23 now. WHY.

Justin Bieber punched a kid who called him a Fa**ot (I HATE THAT WORD). This means 3 things. 1). A kid got beat up by Justin Bieber. 2). Justin Bieber is an advocate for hate crimes. 3). I still like Biebster.

Our resident GAYGAY started his own blog. It is promising to be full of Oprah, Tyra, and everything we love. Welcome GGGFC!

I’m back, I’m cold, and I have a cold.


Brer Rabbit.