It’s 35 degrees here


That’s all I really wanted to say.



I thought maybe we could make ginger bread houses, and eat cookie dough, and go ice skating, and maybe even hold hands.

Ello there on this FREEZING crisp Monday morning!

I don’t know how forthcoming I’ve been on information pertaining to my life, but I am from Florida. Practically my whole family lives here, and has always lived here.  There is only reason I can think of: the beach. Well, okay two, but it’s mainly: NOT BEING COLD. It’s Florida, for goodness sake. Aka the Sunshine State. Aka warmth. Aka no winter. Aka NO CUTE SWEATERS. This cold front has lasted 2 weeks too long. I need my tank tops, I need my flip flops, and I need my TAN back. I’m not used to wearing socks so much. I feel out of my element.

My rant is over. Which brings me to Day 12 in our 20 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas! I have a feeling there might be more than 20, because we’s gots the ideas, peoples!

Day 12: For the Floridian in all of us

Yoga pants, Assorted errrthing (sizes, colors, lengths, styles)

Price: $15-25

Shop: Old Navy, Target

These doodads are definitely on my Christmas list (mom). I already own a pair of capri yoga bottoms, but thanks to the weather, my shins are freezing. I hate being cold, with a passion. ALAS, I must upgrade to pants.  They are cute, stylish, versatile and (say it with me) CHEAP. I am a frugalista to the MAX. I also love when I feel like I am getting 2 things for 1 (see: these pants are for working out AND lounging around). I haven’t bought any from Target, but since Target can do no wrong (in my opinion), I am sure they are equally as awesome as the Old Navy one’s I sport around all too often. These are a great gift, and are sure to be worn throughout the whole year! Not just when Florida decides it should 48 degrees outside…

Optional tag along gift: Woolite. No one likes dingy black pants!


PS. I looked it up. Dingy means lacking in color. Dingey is a small boat. No need to be confused.

Oh, you wanted photo documentation of this vacation??

The jazz festival, after downing some DELIGHTFUL Sangria, and eating some DELICIOUS food.

The Bahama Breeze Birthday Bash (oooo alliteration). This is an awful picture, but I picked it because you can see the drinks we ordered. They were amazing. And confusing.

This is Sergio, as mentioned in Taryn's earlier post. This picture is funny because I got Kasey to take a picture with him. Boo yah.

Taryn exploring a cave...

The most RIDICULOUS bat we saw at Animal Kingdom. Oh just a wing span of six feet. No big deal.

The Finding Nemo musical that rocked my socks.

We look sad because we are starving. If there was an after picture, we would look sad because we gorged ourselves with food.

Splash Mountain, whilst delayed.

Check out Taryn's bangin' beach bod. Note: They are playing behind the back ball.

You’re welcome.