2011 with a BANG! And love too.

Well My Dears,

2011 is upon us! How does it feel? Do you feel renewed and ready to conquer the world? I DO!

This year is a year of big steps for me. I have so many things already on the calendar:

#1. Get Married

#1a. Have a Bachelorette Party

#1b. Go on a Honeymoon

#2. Move for the first time in three years

#3. Change my job for the first time in two years


#5. Watch my sister go to Middle School…WHY, DEAR LORD.

#6. Watch my BABY BROTHER turn 21. I’m literally vomitting already.

Regardless, it is going to be a big year with a lot of big things, and it started like the best year yet. Sit back, get some tea, tell your boss to shut up, and get ready to listen to the story of the nicest thing my friends have ever done for me.


If you read this blog at all you will know that Taryn came to visit in order to ring in the new year together. We spent New Year’s Eve day gallivanting around so happy to be together. We attacked a nearby city/town for goodies and gifts [for ourselves]. We bought scarves, sunglasses, hats, dresses, shirts, pizza, tea….the list goes on. We frolicked from store to store without a care in the world with shopping bags in hand. Dinner time rolled around and we decided to meet up with the roommate fiancée and The Gay for Tapas at a new restaurant in town. We sat down for a round of delicious Tapas which included some bleu cheese croquettes and seared shrimp over a white wine garlic sauce. Obviously the food was amazing. As we are sitting there full and content, The Gay surprises us all with another order of Tapas for himself. We were shocked because he never eats more than we do! More on that later.

As we are leaving Taryn becomes the most needy human being on the face of the planet. First she needs to pee, then she needs to watch the roommate fiancée eat his pizza, then she needs to pee again, then she wants to follow the boys in our car, even though we drove separate cars. More on that later.

While driving home The Gay calls and asks if we could pick him up some gum. Even though he is already at the store. And we’re on the road. He was hung up on. More on that later.

We FINALLY get home together and we stagger to the front door ready to primp and prepare for the evening and….


Inside our modest apartment stood some of our closest [and favorite? jk] friends in an immaculately decorated living room turned party room. There were twinkle lights everywhere, hors d’oeuvres and spirits [booze] as far as the eye could see. Upon closer inspection I found that this was in fact an ENGAGEMENT SURPRISE PARTY!! There were pictures of the fiancée and I strung about the room, cute little bride and groom cupcakes resting on the center table, adorable handmade [BY TARYN AND FAMILY?] mouths, and the smell of baked ziti wafting from the kitchen. After soaking in the decor I noticed the guests. All of my flakey friends who had either avoided me all day or lied to me about their evening plans were standing beautifully in front of me! It was like Christmas in January. And, suddenly, it all made sense. Taryn and Clayton were stalling! My friends weren’t flakey, just lovely! It was a magical evening.

And then the homemade mouths, in case that was unclear…

After the chatting, feasting, drinking, thanking, reminiscing, and presents we decided to hit the town to celebrate the New Year!

Let’s just say…we caused a scene.

I love my friends.




And it’s official…I am obsessed.

So a mere 24 ish hours ago, I revealed my slight (underestimationg, obvi) obsession with pop culture/celebrities. Well, folks, the truth is becoming more clear…I am DEFINITELY obsessed.

Even my igoogle homepage knows I have an obsession, because this is what I see when I logged on today:

 “Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for photographs”.

– Oh really, E!News? Well, isn’t that special. I’ve only seen this same picture 1,000 times for the past WEEK. Update the pictures PLEASE, kthanks.

I also got a CNN headline. Normally I skip the CNN section, unless I am feeling like an adult (which is rarely). But this time I took a gander at the headlines. And lo and behold, if there isn’t one on the wedding! I died with anticipation whilst waiting for the page to load.

Now, people (because I know we ALL CARE), the moment we all have been waiting for…I have for you the chosen date AND LOCATION of the wedding of the year….

Westminster Abbey. April 29, 2011

So, if any of you are like me, then you have no idea what Westminster Abbey looks like. Yes, I have heard of it. And yes, I am sure I have seen pictures before, but for the life of me could not think of how it looked like when I read it. So I googled it, of course! Oh how I love google. I even googled something along the lines of, “Westminster Abbey Wedding”. AND LET ME TELL YOU, it is going to be b-e-a-utiful! I am extremely jealous. Here, take a looksie…

This would be the INSIDE. Gorgeous, right?

Also, check out this super CREEPY picture I found… 

So, yeah. It’s going to be AMAZE. And another fun fact about the wedding; it is on St. Catherine’s Day. WHICH the bride-to-be’s name is, in fact, Katherine (although we all know her as Kate, duh). Possibly the thinking behind Will’s decision? Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

Welp, we all know where I’ll be on April 29, 2011…I already have my calendar marked, and maybe even a countdown til the nuptials (I’ll never own up to the second part).



I might be obsessed

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Well, that’s a lie. I know EXACTLY what is wrong with me…I am my mother’s child. Yes, that’s right. I am placing my blame on this next post on my beloved mother.

Ever since I was little, I would read People Magazine. My mom was subscribed to them for literally A THOUSAND YEARS. I prided myself on knowing the “It Couples” of the month, and knowing that Madonna was seen doing yoga on a September 13, 2001 (just an example, I promise). I thought I was way too cool.

She ended up stopping the subcriptions (like 2 years ago?) but my love and INFATUATION with celebrities never ceased to exist. I become attached to them (see: me taking it personally that Brad and Jen divorced). I just love knowing what is going on and google people CONSTANTLY. Another problem that has derived from this is the fact that I only trust People. If I hear something on the radio, I don’t believe it until People makes a statement. I am lying, I have recently started believing UsWeekly. But People is WHERE. IT’S. AT.

Regardless. I have become a little (understatement) obsessed with the impending marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So as a duty I have just given myself, I am here to give y’all an update on THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR…

William is thinking April 28, 2012.

I am so excited, it’s embarrassing. I am also excited because in England they are declaring it a national holiday…UGH why couldn’t I be Bristish?!


I LOVE YOU, PEOPLE MAGAZINE…but I love my momma more for subscribing.

Note: This was in MAY. I can’t believe there was talk of engagement for like 5 months.