Valentine’s Day: A Movie Review [Note: Not a review of the movie “Valentine’s Day”]

Hello Love Birds,

I hope everyone had a darling Valentine’s Day! Alright, in true We Love Ourselves fashion, I am going to get my hate on for a second. My hatred is surprisingly not directed towards Valentine’s Day, but in fact directed towards people who hate Valentine’s Day. Um. Get over yourselves. Growing up Valentine’s Day was about making a dumb card for EVERYONE in your class and then separating the ones with candy from the ones with no candy. We should be over that by now. Haters of VDay often say things like “It is a made up holiday”, “You should love your significant other EVERY day, not just one day in February”, or my favorite “Couples suck”. Oh I’m sorry, you’re right, a day dedicated to love is BLASPHEMY. We can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when all anyone does is drink regardless of their Irish status, but a day of LOVE is made up and ridiculous? OH OKAY. I will admit, yes, you should love your significant other every day of the year, but Vday is a nice time to go that extra mile to show appreciation and affection. If your significant other only shows love on Vday, then you have another problem entirely. Ahh, the old “couples suck” excuse. Last time I checked the average person loves people who they aren’t dating. For example, I brought my mother a bag of truffles for Vday and babysat my younger sister, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. Do I often buy my mother chocolate? Yes. Do I often spend time with my sister? Yes. Is it nice to appreciate and be appreciated? Yes. SUCK IT UP AND SPREAD THE LOVE.

Sorry about that.

Because we’re 97 years old the roommate fiancée and I decided to go to the movies at 1:15pm on Valentine’s Day. You heard me. Given or lackluster choices we settled on Just Go With It because we both felt fondly for Adam Sandler and it was definitely a better choice than The Roommate [although possibly not a better choice than Never Say Never…].

All in all, I enjoyed this movie. Was it the best movie I ever saw? Of course not. Was my $5.25 matinée ticket well spent? I think so.

Adam Sandler plays a successful plastic surgeon who is getting his playa playa on in the dating community by pretending he is married. He attracts women by weaving a story placing him as the victim and his faux wife as some sort of abuser [genius, actually]. Jen Aniston plays his practical single mother receptionist, whom Sandler trusts as a BFFL. Suddenly Sandler is swept off his feet by a young [DUMB] blonde Brooklyn Decker, and he wants to put away his fake wedding ring for life…until she finds it. Sandler’s web of lies gets larger and begins to encompass Aniston and Aniston’s children. Will it get out of control? Will Decker find out? Is Dave Matthews really in the movie? All of these questions are answered in the film, shocking, I know.

This movie was actually enjoyable mostly due to the relaxed nature and on-screen chemistry between Sandler and Aniston. The jokes were repetitive but appreciated, and there were definitely a few laugh out loud moments. I distinctly remember my roommate fiancée laughing WAY too loud when someone’s hand gets pooped on. Yea…But don’t let that deter you from seeing it. See this movie if you are seeking a break from trying to figure out how to file your taxes and are in need of a mindless, happy, and enjoyable comedy.


Dave Matthews is actually in this movie.



Erroneous! Erroneous on both counts!

Movie stereotyping…a lot of people do it, myself included, however there are some that are just so absurd. Avalon experienced the train wreck of Julia Roberts bashing a couple weeks ago. Now, it is my turn for some train wreck talk.

As I have said in a previous post, Jennifer Aniston IS MY GIRL. I loved her in FRIENDS (favoritest show ever, by the by). I loved her in Picture Perfect. I loved her in Along Came Polly. I loved her in The Break-Up. I loved her in Rumor Has It. I loved her in He’s Just Not That Into You. I loved her in Marley & Me (I only saw a couple minutes, but I don’t care). I also loved her in Bounty Hunter.

Now. If you weren’t following, I am a fan of Jennifer Aniston. TRUE. Not all those movies won Emmy’s, nor should they have, but SHE was good in them and made them worth watching. With that being said, here is my post…

With every post, there is a co worker shout out. I come into work all bubbly (ha) and ready for some numbers! Woooooo! I walk in and talk about my night, cause clearly everyone wanted to know. I told the co worker how I watched the Bounty Hunter last night. When he asked how it was I gave him my honest answer of, “It was surprisingly better than I thought! Jennifer Aniston was great though. I love her”. To which he replied, “Yeah shes okay, too bad her movies suck”.

She’s OKAY? Only okay? Too bad her movies suck? Really? You want to play this game with me right now?

I always joke that I should be a defense attorney because I ALWAYS have something to say and I ALWAYS defend people. Since Jen didn’t happen upon our conference room at the clients to defend herself, I stepped in to do some defense work.

Needless to say, I gave him the 411 on how wrong he really was. It was a short conversation, because in the end he knew I was right. I was less concerned about the movies comment. Cause I know that the movies do not suck; they aren’t THE BEST, but they definitely deserve the “suck” remark.  The one that triggered the attorney in me, however, was, “shes OKAY”. That needed to be addressed. My main defense tactic? HER HAIR.

Since the beginning people have been striving for the Rachel look. The flip, the volume, the bounce…PERFECTION. If you were a part of the 90’s, you know how big of a look this was. The look didn’t just stop in 1993.  When she chopped off her hair early 2000’s, we all know that’s when we chopped ours off…I totes did. Don’t deny it.

Next tactic? BOYFRIENDS

She has one of the hottest, if not THE hottest track record. She also made some (mainly one) LOOK BETTER

Brad Pitt with Jen– hot. Brad Pitt post Jen– EW. See? Why didn’t he stay with her? They would’ve been the ultimate.

Tate Donovan– Why hello pre-Jimmy Cooper from OC

Gerard Butler– This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Thanks for that Gerard, now go do more pushups

Bradley Cooper– You work that black on black

John Mayer– Man whore or not, he’s hot.

Owen Wilson– Adorable. Funny. Love him. (They did date right?)

Those were just to name a few.

Anyway, I think I made my point crystal clear…

Jennifer Aniston is more than a simple OKAY. She is awesome. Duh.