So, I’m ashamed…

Why you ask?

Well, I am a Celtics fan and apparently so is Aubrey O’Day. Um. Disgusting. Put your clothes back on and leave my team alone. She was born in California, why in the world is she covering herself with green paint.

Moving on.

Hello duckies!

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend! Because I am generous, I will provide an itemized summary of my weekend.

#1. I tried to spend the whole weekend in my pajamas, and I failed. Apparently I have to get dressed to go to works on Saturdays.

#2. Saturday was the premature St. Patrick’s day celebration for all the college students about to go on spring break. The bars opened at 11am and drunk hooligans were lining up at 10 in the morning…when I got to work. As I was sitting in my respectable place of work, drunk girl after drunk girl stumbled into my job and asked if we had a bathroom they could use. Quickly I determined that I did not want to clean up puke, and told them that we were in fact a shop with no bathroom. In their despair they went outside and laid down in the snow.

#3. Because of said faux holiday I almost ran over slews of intoxicated college students covered with green sparkles and donning a town’s worth of green attire while stumbling down the center of the street. Whoops.

#4. I got the girl scout cookies I ordered and I have been sampling from each box daily.  I ordered Thin Mints [duh], Samoas, the peanut butter sandwich kind and this brand new lemon sandwich cookie kind. They are all delightful. Usually I eat them for breakfast. Along with breakfast. NOT a big deal.

#4. I went out for a friend’s birthday and had 1 drink too many [so, three].

#5. I watched the Craigslist Killer on Lifetime and asked serious disbelieving questions [to myself] the entire time. “How did she not notice the cops outside of her house?”, “How did she not notice the blood all over his neck?”, “Why do these women let strange men into their hotel rooms?”, and most importantly “Was this actually shot in Boston, because I am not seeing a whole lot of familiar landmarks…”. Don’t see it, it isn’t that good.

#6. I basically finished addressing the “Save-the-Dates’ for the wedding, and I am now the proud owner of carpal tunnel hands.

#7. I cried all weekend because NOT ENOUGH OF YOU HAVE STARTED FOLLOWING US ON TWITTER. Do you not care what we have to say in 140 characters or less?! We do this for you!!

Follow us please. We need some stalkers!



The Celtics; a gateway drug

I’m a New England girl through and through, and the one aspect of my brash personality that was missing proved to be a love for the Celtics. Last year I really got into watching them, mostly because I was avoiding my senior thesis.

Not a big deal.

Last spring my neighbor purchased an absurdly large television because he had nothing better to spend the money on. Every time I went over to harass say hi to him, he was watching the Celtics on this massive expanse in the living room. Finally after days of walking in on sweaty men, I decided to sit down and take a gander at this so called basketball game.

Annnnd I was hooked. I’m what you would call indoorsy… not really, but I hate watching sports on television. Put me at a live game, and I will be as happy as a pig in mud [literally] but on TV? I could die. I really got into the Celtics though, and ultimately forced all my friends into as well. We would congregate with the neighbor and others, watch the pores [big tv, remember?] of the C’s players, and commentate.

“Excellent three pointer!”

“Do you think Kevin Garnett is bald in real life?”

“Have you seen how pretty his wife is?”

“Did you notice Doc Rivers and the guy behind him are wearing the same tie?”

Okay, not to go all stereotypical on ya’ll, but those are real conversation excerpts. We do also enjoy the game, the sport, and the players.

But I digress.

I am now a huge Celtics fan; I watch the games, go to games, and talk about them in normal conversation. This new fandom excited the roommate fiance, and we decided to make the ultimate plunge into adulthood and sign up for cable after resisting it for years. Literally years. My mother made SURE we never had the joy of cable throughout my entire childhood [yes she was one of THOSE mothers]. We reasoned that cable would cost less than the amount of money we would spend on beers at a sports bar where we would be watching the Celtics kick ass.  Valid. Valid?

Regardless. We’ve had cable for exactly 13 days and I can already tell it’s a problem. At first we watched Celtics games only. Then by day 3 it was a disease. I wake up in the morning and watch the Ellen Show while I am getting ready for work/eating breakfast/doing morning yoga [shut up]. I get home from work and I watch Law and Order, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice [yes, I am the one person that still watches that], All shows on Bravo, Teen Mom, Dirty Jobs, Community….the list goes on. I went from 0 to 60 in a mere 3 days. I now have a television schedule like all of those people I pitied.

In short, I need a hobby and a life, because I cannot watch that much television.

A special thank you to The Celtics for getting me hooked. Comcast owes you commission.