Texts from Life!

Avalon : I’m eating tomato soup at Panera

Taryn: I want your life. Did you know you can get a free piece of bread in there. Just waltz on in and say, bitch give me a baguette. And they will.


Texts from Life

Avalon: I am having an arguement about fantasies with Dave and ben’s friend.

Taryn: Fantasies? Haaa. Uhm mine…marry rich?be awesome. Have puppies.

Texts from Life

Taryn: Tonight im going to a comedy club to see a hyptnotist. Haaha, my friend won tickets. I hope I dont cluck like a chicken haha.

Avalon: ….

And now for a segment we like to call: Texts from Life- The Taryn and Avalon Edition

Taryn: Do i dress like a pirate? I don’t wanna be cold

Avalon: Um. You can wear pants and still dress like a pirate ??

Taryn: True. I might just buy an eye patch. I don’t have pirate shoes

Avalon: Does anyone?