The Only Straight I Am Is A Straight Up Bitch

Glee fans, anyone?

If not, I will clue you in. A character named Santana is trying to blackmail a fellow classmate into doing what she wants. Santana recently realized that she was a lesbian, so ends the scene with the amazing blog entry title:

“The only straight I am is a straight up bitch”.

While neither Taryn nor I are lesbians or straight up bitches, we have been neglecting the blog. We are sorry to all of you [3] readers, we know it is a disappointment to check and recheck a blog anxious for an update and receive nothing. For days.

In our defense, we are really really busy. Unfortunately this blog doesn’t pay enough [see: not at all] to fund our lives, so we need real lives and jobs on the side. AWFUL, I know. We are currently working on winning the lottery slash getting someone to think we are funny enough to pay us to do something else, but until that day comes we are stuck in our real people jobs.

I am mostly busy because I am trying to scrape together some semblance of a wedding by the end of August. I once read that successfully planning a wedding without a wedding planner took about 40 hours of work a week. EXCUSE ME. So not only do I work my real job for 40 hours a week, I also need to allot 40 hours to planning the most excessive day of my life. Basically I’m working CEO hours and getting McDonald’s pay. IT’S FINE.

Taryn is a big girl, and has a big girl schedule, which is just as inconvenient. Taryn does accounting of sorts, so you can imagine that this time of year would be super hectic for her. Why you ask? If you have to ask, you didn’t file your taxes, and you are currently screwed. Taryn is saving businesses and lives, so blogging time has been hard to come by.

We’ll be back soon in full force, we promise.

Maybe even today.


A [&T]


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