Is there sugar in syrup? Then, YES!

Besides my birthday (obviously), and Christmas/New Years, Thanksgiving is one of my most FAVORITEST holidays! The time has finally come that we all get to go see our loved ones, eat great food, and NAP during the day. What’s not to love?!

So, in honor of one of my top 3 (4, counting New Years) most enjoyed and anticipated holidays, I decided to make a list (shocker) on the reason why I LOVE this time of the year. And as always, there will be commentary.

1. Food-  I am that girl who would say that her favorite class in middle school was lunchtime. I cannot get enough of food! I love trying new things, but I also love those comfort foods that always end up on the Thanksgiving table. Those foods being (yes, a list within a list. Don’t put anything past me)

  • Sweet potatoes- It’s best when my mom caramelizes them. UGH. It’s like Christmas when I see that’s the way she’s doing them.
  • Collard greens- My favorite food, seriously. I would live in a bowl of greens. Just sayin
  • Mashed potatoes- I turn into Paula Deen, “Alright y’all let’s add a stick of butter to these!”
  • Stuffing- Anytime I think of stuffing I get happy. I do the name justice, let’s just leave it at that.
  • BISCUITS- Bread bread, bready bread bread. I LOVE BREAD. Once again, I get all Paula Deen. I’m only a little ashamed.
  • Turkey- I love the dark meat (naughty?). I hoard the drum sticks, once again only a little ashamed.
  • Cranberry Freeze- This is my great grandmother’s (Nannie) family recipe. She makes it every year and it is DELICIOUS. It’s probably more of a dessert, but is so awesome we have it on the table the whole time ha. It’s like a frozen cranberry salsa like food. Perhaps I’ll give y’all the recipe?
  • Fried corn bread- Also my Nannie’s family recipe. It’s exactly how it sounds. Greasy and delicious. You couldn’t ask for more.
  • Pumpkin anything- This year my mother is making a pumpkin roll. Which I really hope everyone knows of this heavenly dish. It’s a mixture of two things I love: Pumkin and Cream cheese filling. UGH.

So, it looks like I am going to need my yoga pants when I eat, no big deal.

2. Avalon. Yep, this is the time of year (a mere 4 years ago) that Avalon and I became besties. It started as a random suggestion “oh you should come to my house for Thanksgiving”. Then the weeks went by and we really didn’t talk about it anymore. It wasn’t until like the week of where I was like, “so you seriously can come to my house for Thanksgiving”. And she was all like “are you sure?”. And I am like, “duh”. So then we packed up and went to my house for seriously a week. It was BEAUTIFUL. So many of the things I now love are because of that week. Do I feel a list coming on?

  • John Mayer- I really want to say I started REALLY listening to him during this week. Avalon probably made me. Continuum will forever be one of my favorite cds. Dreaming with a Broken Heart? KILLS ME. I love it.
  • Michael Buble- I already loved Michael with every fiber of my being, but this week escalated the love. So now everytime I hear Michael, I think of Avalon. Awwww
  • John Legend- Save Room for my Love. Seriously? How did I not know of his greatness before Avalon! Love him.  
  • Grey’s Anatomy- Yep. I can honestly say I never watched an episode of my beloved Grey’s until THAT WEEK. Avalon watched it, and she was the guest so HAD to watch it (joking, Avalon. We wanted to). But it turned out for the best, because I can’t stop watching the show, even though it is starting to become horrible.
  • ELF- Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color? I already had seen this movie and LOVED this movie. But I think it is safe to say we watched it about 8 times that week…

Basically Avalon came to my house with music and tv show knowledge and opened up my world to the joy of it all..which is why she is my best friend. Thanks, boo! How I will miss you this year…

3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- Need I say more? It’s awesome. I abso-freakin-lutely love musicals and broadway shows. And there is always that one song I hear and am like, OMG KASEY WE NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS NOOOOW. But alas we can’t because my parents don’t have internet. They still have AOL. I know. I can’t believe that’s still around either.

4. Black Friday- For years and years my momma, sister and I have woken up at the crack of dawn and shopped til we dropped. It’s a great past time that we share…along with thousands of other people. We have the same routine. We wake up, eat yogurt, stand in line at Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, JCPenneys, Macys and sometimes Bath and Body Works, go get McDonald’s breakfast and coffee (necessary), get home by 11:30, realize we forgot to get my other cousin something (sorry), then nap for the whole day. I LOVE IT. Although with every year, we never learn that the trick to Best Buy is giving two of us the list while the other person stands in the super long line to check out. We ALWAYS split up then meet up in the middle and be like, awww man we messed up AGAIN. It hilarious. It’s also hilarious the game plane my momma comes up with. It’s like a football playbook. So many options, but there’s only way she wants to execute it. 

5. Being HOME- Yes, I love Tampa and love my house here, but it is not my HOME. My home is where my momma, and dad and my DOG are. I love going there and just smelling that comforting smell (normally a mixture of my mom’s Happy perfume, my dad’s Sure deodorant, and my dog. It’s perfect).

   Me and the Bossman. 

Well everyone I hope you enjoyed the things that I LOVE. Feel free to share what’s YOUR favorite! And whether you are at a loved one’s house, or at your own home, I hope you all have a SUPERB holiday! 


PS. Another thing I love about Thanksgiving, is the fact that is socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas music! No one needs to know I cranked that up last week…


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